• Cute Girls’ Perfect Match With Wedge Boots


    Ladies love to buy wedge boots for them whether she can dress the high heels or not in whole year. On one hand, wedge heels can give you the safety as the flat shoes, on the other hand, it can bring the same effect as the same as high heels, safety with temperament together existing. So this would be the significant feature what women’s favorite. It is well known to us that lovely or cute not meaning wear one biggest bowties or flower on you but outstand it by your style of clothes. To lovely or naïve girls, wedge boots could contain the elements such as bowties, fur, tassel and more lovely decorations on the boots. This post teaches you how to match nice with wedge boots in all year to be one fashion cute girl without exaggeration.


    Spring is one vivid season. All of us want to remove the feeling of heaviness at once while we take off the heavy coats after winter. The best combination will be lovely knee high wedge boots, legging, short skirts, casual blazers. Of course, you must admit that you can resist the cold of early spring, or you should take the next way.









    As one afraid of cold, maybe short wedge boots, legging, day dress and slim trench coat is the best choice. No matter which kind of ornament on wedge boots you will wear, here I want to kindly remind that please be far away from the decoration on boots which is similar with fur and hairy.








    In autumn, the weather is getting cool. Knee high wedge boots with long sleeve dress or skirts will be the most popular tendency, blouse or simple lovely tops can do well. Certainly, school uniform match with knee high wedge boots will help you promote your naivete. Suggesting that the material of the wedge boots prefer to thin such as velvet, suede, blending. The bowties, lace up, tassel, bowties and buckle should be priority.







    There are so many choices to let you choose in winter only do you find it by your heart. For example, one lovely slim overcoat match with sweater dress and knee high wedge boots to show cute, or short cotton padded coats match with knee high snow wedge boots and short skirt will be another naïve style. The elements of boots you can adopt hairy, PU, leather and more. All of the decorations what you like you can select.



    Now we had brought the topic of pretty girls’ clothes match with wedge boots will be end. Do you have more innovative ideas? Welcome to share it in our comments with others. At last, I want to say that the sincere smile from your heart will be the best partner with you. Next time, we will share the topic of ” how to wear the fashion with wedge boots as OL”, do you wish to see?

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  • Handsome Wedge Boots Collection

    Wedge Boots

    What Are Wedge Boots?

    Wedge boots are raised boots with solid heels which runs the length of the style, meaning that there is no gap between the front and back of the boots. They are popular for their stability and leg elongation effect. They can be made of different materials and come in different styles, which makes them win lots of women shoppers.

    wedge boots

    What Wedge Boots Should You Buy?

    Wedge boots are available with various styles and colors. According to the height of the boots, they can be ankle wedge boots, mid-calf wedge boot, knee-high wedge boots and over-the-knee wedge boots.


    What heel height to choose depends on your foot’s pain threshold, but most wedge boots are comfortable and stable to wear.

    Wedge boots with 1-2 inch heels are good for casual styles, such as low-key casual t-shirts and denim shorts outfits. It may be the best choice if you are already have long legs and only want extra comfort from your shoes.

    If you want to add a touch of chic to your look, 2-3 inch high wedge boots can be a good choice. They are not very tall but give extra height to your look. Also, they are versatile shoes and can be worn to different occasions, such as going shopping.

    3-4 inch high wedge boots are chic and classy, but may not be the most comfortable footwear for casual occasions.

    Go higher than 4 inches if you are attending special occasion and want extra sassy.

    wedge boots hight


    It’s up to personal taste. If you want to have a pair of wedge boots that are not easy to be out of fashion, the basic styles are highly recommended. Choose neutral colors such as black, brown, white, nude. Minimize the design to avoid making a strong fashion statement or to not overshadow the outfit you want to show off.

    wedge boots style


    Neutral colors are basic and pretty, but if you want a new fresh look, refer to color you adore. Colored boots bring attentions to legs; therefore, when you wear colored wedge, you’d better be confident with your legs. Try happy bright colors such as red, pink, purple and blue to create amazing outfits.

    color of wedge boots


    Wedge boots can be worn to many occasions, such as family union, birthday parties and weddings. Combined with boot-cut jeans and fashion tops, wedge boots can make you look cool and refined. However, if you are going to cocktail parties or formal evening occasions, I suggest you to try other style of shoes as they may be not in line with your elegance.

    wedge boots occasion

    What to Wear with Wedge Boots

    Wedge boots can be worn with many different clothes and their chunky quality allows them to create a fashion statement that different from what made by stiletto heels.

    1. Sundress

    Sundress is a dress intend to be worn in warm weather. They typically are informal or causal dresses manufactured with lightweight fabric. Wear wedge boots with sundress can create a lovely and free style.

    sundress with wedge boots2. Fitted Top

    Fitted outerwear gives a chic and neat look to your upper body, creating an obvious contrast to the chunky quality of wedge boots so as to make you look quite balanced.

    fitted top with wedge boots3. Wide-legged Jeans

    If you want to create an outfit which makes you look talented and free spirited, consider wearing wedge ankle boots with high-waisted wide-legged jeans. When you walk, the flowing cuff of the pants will reveal a peep of the striking wedge heels.

    Wide-Legged Jeans with Wedge Boots4. Skinny Jeans

    Skinny jeans usually come in narrow cuffs, which can minimize the gap between the leg and the boot so as to maximize the elongation effect of wedge boots, especially ankle boots with similar color of the jeans.

    Skinny Jeans with Wedge Boots

    5. Leggings

    Leggings can be worn with any boots, let alone wedge boos. If you want an extra height, make your leggings and boots in the same tone.

    Leggings with Wedge Boots

    6. Knee Socks

    If you like to make a strong fashion statement, wearing knee socks with wedge boots can be a good choice, especially when your socks has a contrast color with your boots. Also, if the socks and boots have similar colors, your legs are tend to look longer.

    Knee Socks with Wedge Boots

    Popular Trend for Wedge Boots

    tassle wedge boots




    Tassel Wedge Boots

    A tassel is an accomplishment feature in fabric and clothing decoration. It is globally seen in various versions, such as tassels on wedge boots. Tassel wedge boots are welcomed by lots of women for their fashion and classy look.




    suede wedge boots






    Suede Wedge Boots

    Wedge boots can be made of various materials, but suede is the most popular material as it is to some extent in line with the chunky quality of wedge heels.

    ankle wedge boots

    Ankle Wedge Boots

    There are ankle wedge boots, mid-calf wedge boots, knee-high wedge boots and over-the-knee wedge boots, never the less ankle wedge boots are the most popular as they can not only elongate the legs but also reveal the tender ankle of the wearer.

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