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  • Let’s Rock This World In Black Friday And Cyber Monday


    The biggest discount season has already coming, have you felt the nervous atmosphere? Presumably that so many people are fighting to clear their shop cart this moment, have you bought the practical items in this crazy sales? Well, in general, I love to buy shoes by this kind of rare opportunity. Maybe you are doubt about the reason, because my feet size always is size 11 no matter I become fat or thin. However, the clothes I can’t ensure it is always be fit, I can’t control my weight better in a stable extent. Of course, I will purchase small part of clothes on the basis of doing sufficient assumption.

    If you prepare buy shoes, this post will give you a little analysis when the big black Friday crazy sale and cyber Monday super sale coming. Among so plenty kinds of heels, platform heels and stiletto heels have the highest cost- effective. In this season, a number of parties are waiting you, so platform heels are the best choice to match with your party dresses. Stiletto heels are the necessary for OL and fashion lady in daily life. Popular style will not let you out fashion forever.

    shoespie sky high heels
    Shoespie Gorgeous Color Block Platform Heels


    Boots are the best items at present. You must get the newest boots. Facing the low temperature, knee high boots and thigh high boots can keep warm, but snow boots must be the first choice when it is snowy.

    shoespie lace up knee high boots
    Fashionable Gray Coppy Leather Knee High Boots with Chic Zipper Decoration

    Sandals are another choice for party, a number of ladies love to pick it to attend grand club party. On the basis of investigation showing, Platform sandals and dress sandals are the best seller among numerous sandals during black Friday and cyber Monday.

    shoespie sexy sandals
    Shoespie Updated Rhinestone Flat Gladiator Sandals

    Among numbers of men’s shoes, sneakers, and oxford boots can be wore in whole year. Of course, they are the champion in all men’s shoes.

    shoespie comfortable mens shoes
    Shoespie New Arrival Men’s Sneakers

    The author has listed the best seller sorts, so you just need to think about what you need. Hoping you can harvest full in black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

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  • The Snow Before Black Friday Big Deals


    Hello! Today I have met the first snow 2016, how about you? the white world is so nice. Everything is surrounded by snow and it is so quiet this moment. I love the white world and can’t wait to experience the white world even if it is so cold. I took some picture to let you feel it together with me.

    snow scene

    snow scene

    If it were Christmas Day, it could be better than anything. Probably you feel too cold while walking in snow, however, I have the fashion snow boots to resist low temperature, I have bought two pairs for me  double days ago on, it is really one top online shoes store compare with others ever since. The quality is so nice and unexpected, it alter my mind about online shopping. It has 2 days when Black Friday deals coming. Shoespie best black Friday big sales has started. All items have the big discount than ever. I have picked two pair of sexy heels, three pair of sands, and one pair of knee high boots by this chance of their black Friday big sales. Do you want to walking in snow as me? Come to shoespie!

    shoespie sexy knee high boots
    Fashion Knitting Wedge Heels Knee High Boots
    shoespie discount snow boots
    Shoespie Wedge Heel Knee High Snow Boots

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  • 2016 Fashion Matches: Overcoats With Dresses


    Weather is soon getting more and more cold, most of girls have to give up nice chiffon dresses and wear heavy coats to against low temperature. However, dresses match with overcoats always can be beauty endless. More famous models choose stylish overcoats+ dresses in their street style. Well, author also loves this style to satisfy my dress dream in winter.

    Various overcoats style can show different temperament, such as H style, waist style, tie style, straight style, cocoon style.

    H style is suitable to anyone. Do your best to unbutton your coat to show your queen style.

    overcoats outfit

    Waist style and tie style is more fit to someone who has the slender waist to enlarge advantages.

    overcoats outfit

    Please select straight style if your above the waist is fat than others, it can balance vision and avoid bloated.

    overcoats outfit

    It is said that cocoon is the advantage of office lady who has “swimming ring” on waist.

    overcoats outfit

    Well, I have to add one word that, above on, all could be wore as one skinny lady. Do you have the same feeling with me that how cruel this world is for fatty? Please lose weight come on.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Super Nice Party Shoes 2016


    Winter is one “festival season”. There are so many parties are waiting for us. So have you thought that which heels could be used to style with your nice party dresses? Maybe boots are more popular than heels in winter, but it can’t be competent when you are preparing to join in one super party. So the heels you must have. Choosing one pair of shoes which is no impediment at all dresses is quite necessary. Here are the best hot sale heels and sandals for party, which are from shoespie. shoespie is one fashion online shoes store and main to women’s and men’s shoes. Their remarkable character is focus on details design, every shoe shows unique feature different from another. You can experience their meticulous attitude on details. Affordable price and perfect reputation is the key to success among so many brands.

    shoespie stiletto pumps
    Luxury Rhinestone Pointed Toe Stiletto Cinderella Crystal Heels

    Discount Price: $97.99                                                 Official Price: $740.64

    Shoespie Stiletto Pumps
    Shoespie Vintage Coffee Pointed Toe T Strap Stiletto Heels

    Discount Price: $78.39                                                Official Price: $659.72

    shoespie nice sandals collection
    Shoespie Luxious Rhinestone Flower Dress Sandals

    Discount Price: $78.39                                                Official Price: $495.19

    shoespie perfect dress sandals
    Shoespie Golden Strappy Lace Up Sandals

    Discount Price: $78.39                                                Official Price: $692.48

    shoespie sky high heels
    Shoespie Classy Red Platform Heels

    Discount Price: $97.99                                                Official Price: $377.58

    Wish this post is useful to you about referring to shopping party shoes.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • The Most Popular Boots In This Season


    Lately, we have to admit that boots must be the most popular shoes in this season. Believe that almost of people have bought awesome boots, this time author bring hot sale boots during this time for you to help you refer to buy boots. All of them are from, which is one fashion shoes store to sale adult’s shoes including boots, heels and sandals. Do you want to know what the most popular boots are? The picture as follow, certainly, I will show you the other’s reviews about the popular boots.

    Knee high boots: keep you warm in cold winter.

    shoespie sexy thigh high boots
    Sexy Back Zipper Genuine Leather Over Knee High Boots

    Discount Price: $146.99                                                 Official Price: $1457.11

    Reviews: Omg! I was so happy when I received my over the knees boots, they are perfect and true to size. Great quality. Don’t hesitate, buy them.

    shoespie cheap thigh high boots
    Stylish Denim Over Knee High Boots

    Discount Price: $146.99                                             Official Price: $997.37

    Reviews: I purchased these boots and was very surprised how super nice they are, they are just has shown, I love them, BETTER THAN SHOWN. Very stylish pair of boots! I love them, very sexy and attractive. Great pair of boots!

    Ankle boots: just like heels but be more perfect than heels.

    shoespie ankle boots
    Shoespie Dark Blue Peep Toe Lace Up Ankle Boots

    Discount Price:$97.99                                              Official Price: $903.75

    Reviews: I am very happy with these boots. They are good quality. I like the height’ and they work with skirts or pants. I got them in black. They look very chic.

    shoespie ankle boots
    Shoespie Rivets Zipper Peep-toe Ankle Boots

    Discount Price:$88.88                                              Official Price: $906.47

    Reviews: The only way to describe this shoe is “PERFECT” I own over 150 pairs of shoes. And I must say this is one of the best fitting shoes I have in a heel. It is comfortable and roomy.

    Maybe you are worry about that they are expensive than other. Well, you are wrong, this is the reason why I show them to you is that they have good value for money.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Velvet Boots Give You New Vision


    This period is the best time to pick one pair of nice boots to show your lifestyle, not only does it can keep you warm, but also can retouch your legs. But sometimes we feel upset to pick perfect boots while facing plenty of sorts of boots. Black, grey or camel? Leather, suede or velvet? Well, author admits that it is difficult to select one among a great many nice boots. Maybe we can refer to the famous model’s choice on the fashion week to help us deal with this big problem. This time editor would share one nice boot—velvet boots.

    velvet boots outfit

    In actually, I love this which is similar to suede boots, firstly, it is comfortable to wear no matter high heels or flat. You felt hurt about your feet more or less if you often wear the bad quality leather boots. However, the velvet is so soft that you will fall in love with it.

    velvet boots outfit

    Secondly, one pair of velvet boots pair with diverse coats can show various you, isn’t it? Maybe we can understand that it is no impediment at all coats.

    velvet boots outfit

    Thirdly, no matter velvet knee high boots or velvet ankle boots the exquisite details is quite perfect, which must capture your fussy taste.

    velvet boots outfit

    In general, I feel the wine red color is the best among quantities of velvet boots. The reason why I love it is that it can go well with all nice bottoms. From these pictures do you love to pick velvet boots? Which color will you choose? You can come to shoespie for the top quality boots with inexpensive price.

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