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  • How To Keep Your Shoes Being New As Ever?


    Before this time, have recommended so many fashion shoes for you, this chance author will discuss the way of tidy your old shoes with you. All people love new shoes, which is so charming while wearing it. But we can’t throw away all old shoes, after all, it is cost our so much money when bought it. So how can you tidy your shoes when it is not nice than ever before? I can ensure that someone will let them “sleeping forever”in their shoesbox. About taking care of shoes, we should distinguish the material of shoes. In general, the shoes include suede, velvet, leather and more.

    Patent leather shoes we can use Vaseline to clear it, Vaseline can be used match with rag and evenly coated on the surface of shoes where is damaged. Then you can see one pair of awesome shoes as ever.

    shoespie platform heels 2017
    Shoespie Black Patent Leather Peep-toe Stiletto Heels

    The hair conditioner can be used to cure your leather shoes, which contain wax owning the best effect of moisture.

    shoespie sexy heels
    Shoespie Genuine Leather Peep-toe Ankle Boots


    Have you heard that eraser can nurse shoes? Well, it does it. Eraser with water can be used to protect your sneakers, do you feel it help you save so much?

    shoespie womens fashion sneakers
    Shoespie Chic Stripes Sneakers

    Common with sneakers, the suede shoes which can be done by the eraser, just one little different, the eraser should be without water. After that the shoes will be new as ever.

    shoespie sky high heels 2017
    Fashionable Black Suede Ankle Strap Platform Heels

    Girls, looking through your shoesbox in a hurry, awaken those sleeping shoes what you favorite, let them renew to back to your vision.

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  • Sneakers, Still Be Fashion As Like Heels


    Girls are always fall deeply in love with heels, not only outstanding temperament but also lengthen height, I can ensure that almost girls own plenty of heels in their shoesbox, of course, long dress matches with heels is way of the most goddess. But, people who have worn heels must know about that how hurt it is.

    Swaying makes things been looked elegant and graceful walking by day, you would not live in this world while going home at night.

    This time, we will bring the welfare for these girls. In actually, you could also be fashion with sneakers, being new level on beauty but with comfortable. In the fashion week and street style 2016, white sneakers owning quite high rate of appearance. If you don’t know how to match with it, please see here

    White flat sneakers are girls’favorites, dresses or jeans will be nice too. Especially, long dress will be so goddess.

    sneakers outfit

    To petite girls, it is suitable to select sneakers with heels,

    sneakers outfit

    To promote the height of vision, with the same color of clothes is help to lengthen your figure.

    sneaker outfit

    Basic sneakers are so popular on street, but you can add some decorations on it what you love.

    sneaker outfit

    It will be soon approaching spring, therefore, it is necessary to choosing one pair of fashion sneakers to travel.

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  • Short Boots With Jeans


    It is girl’s favorite way to choose all sorts of short boots to match with tights in winter, not only beautiful but warm. In general, boots and tights are nice match. But have you found that it is boring that wearing tights always in winter? What’s more, plenty of tights but black color can outstanding your legs thick, it is terrible to any one girl.

    In actually, you can elect jeans to pair with your short boots, there are a few of advantages to choose it, such as convenient, comfortable and look your leg slim. Any one of top it can be worn randomly, and overcoats you can pick optional. Well, how can you be fashion with this style? Here are the nice pictures of stylish matching ways.

    jeans outfit

    jeans outfit

    jeans outfit

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  • As One Petite Girl, How To Wear To Be Leggy?


    Nowadays, long leggy and tall girl has captured the core of people’s taste. Height is born with us and we can’t alter it, so you can make more decision on matching clothes, here are some clothes tips for you, hoping you like it.

    In actually, if you are slim, the wide leg pants should be one better choice.



    If you like suits style, it can stretch your shape ratio. Especially for the office lady, own one appropriate and designer element suits can outstanding your capable imagination.



    Improve your waist while choosing pants, there are two ways to make it, put your coats in your pants or wear one belt.



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